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‘Eden Centre for Disabled Children (ECDC)’, non-profit charity organization, was established in April 2000 by dedicated local people to provide necessary basic services such as rehabilitation, education and social services for physical and intellectual children with disabilities in Yangon, Myanmar. Around 200 children with disabilities are receiving quality services at our Day Care centre at Phawkan, Insein Township, Yangon every year. More than 200 children with disabilities are supported to access mainstream education. ECDC is also reaching out many persons with disabilities through disability related projects around the country. ECDC is growing step by step within these two decades, direct service provision to children with disabilities, offering disability related trainings not only for service provision related skill training but also for disseminating social model of disability and actively engage in advocacy for inclusive policy changes in the country.

“Eden is a place where children with disabilities, their parents and friends can experience love, care, have confidence, express their emotion and feeling and get hope, confidence and meaning of lives. Visit us to experience and taste real inclusiveness.

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Training Unit

ECDC has worked with thousands of carers and professionals over the years.
Our participants come

from all walks of life and all parts ofsociety; particularly focusing building awareness about disability and increasing the skills and capacity of those developing policies, programmes and activities to support disabled people.
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ECDC (Hakha)

To ensure disabled children fulfill their potential, by providing them with high quality therapy, social care,

education and vocational training; and to equip families and caregivers with the skills, knowledge and experience to fully support the development of the child.Eden donate in Hakha.
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CE Program

To strengthen and empower the disability support sector (from grass root to national level),

improving services through awareness, training, evidence based research, networking & advocacy activitiesFor Eden to be a benchmark centre and leading resource for people with disabilities, through extensive and sustainable operations.
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