Our Vision ,Mission & Values

Our Vision

A Myanmar where all people with disabilities fulfil their potential…empowered in their identity, rights and capacity, enjoying equal opportunities in communities free of discrimination and dominated by love

Our Mission

Eden strives to create a caring, inclusive and empowering environment for disabled children by:

  • providing services and support which values, respects and accepts disabled people and supports them to fulfill their lives with dignity, and on equal terms with others and
  • providing direct services, Eden also promotes awareness and provides technical support to community, local and disability support organization’s and advocates for change

Our Values

Equal rights: People with disabilities should enjoy equal rights and opportunities and be included in mainstream society with respect and dignity. Through empowerment, knowledge sharing and capacity building, we believe these changes can become realities.
Love: Love, empathy, patience and understanding create the foundation for everything we do. They make personal joy and happiness and social progress possible.
Family Spirit: Our family spirit is central to our Eden community –our staff, students, caregivers and supporters. We seek to build long-term, healthy relationships to best support people with disabilities.
Team Work: We make the most of opportunities and overcome challenges by working together as a team. Our strength comes from unity and collaboration, supported by humility and open-mindedness.
Trust: Building trust and being faithful to our promises are essential to our work as we are entrusted with the privilege of supporting people with disabilities and their families and communities.
Quality: We maintain a client-focus in our work, investing in providing the highest quality services and helpful support. Our vision and passion enable us to continually improve our quality and sustainability.