Myanmar Flood Relief 2015

URGENT APPEAL Relief & Recovery for Flood Affected People in Chin and Sagaing, Myanmar

Dear Friends of Eden,
We need your help!
ECDC work direct in both Chin and Sagaing States, two of the hardest hit areas from recent flooding and landslides in Myanmar.
The disability community in Chin and Sagaing are in need of urgent assistance—We are seeking funds to help with relief and recovery activities on the ground, in both Chin and Sagaing.

How will your donation be used?

Short term: Donations received will be used to meet immediate needs for shelter, clean water, food, dry clothing, dignity kits and other needs that we are informed of by our staff on the ground.
Long term: Donations will help to assist with rebuilding, getting children with disabilities back to school, social support, and  income assistance.

How is ECDC helping?

We have 6 local staff in Chin and 2 local staff in Sagaing who are working with and helping to mobilize local volunteers, self-help groups, Civil Society Organisations and Communication Based Organisations to help give direct support to people with disabilities in both areas.

How do I donate?

1. Please email us to inform us of your donation, we can then keep you updated with our progress
2. Then make a bank transfer to:
For Myanmar Bank Account Holders
Kanbawza Bank Co. Ltd
Acc Name  Eden Centre for Disabled Children
Acc Holders U Tha Uke and U Ral Tu
Acc Number 0211 220 105 660
Kamayut Branch Myanmar (Kyat Currency)


Please email direct for international bank transfer details

Please don’t hesitate to contact ECDC for further information on  09 4312 0885

Thank you for your time and assistance


U Tha Uke
Managing Director,
Eden Centre for Disabled Children

Voice from Kalay Myo (Sagaing State)

Kalay – Pastor Sang Uk Cung
“All the rice and food are gone; all clothes are destroying together with pots and plates. Very sad and depress, can’t sleep and lost of appetite. Do not know how to survive further, seems heaven fall down.
Some parents are murmuring that all paddy fields are totally destroyed; we cannot support our kids to their education. We do not know how to earn for daily living and live again. Some said all their animals like cow, buffalo use for their farm and paddy field and pigs, chickens are all gone; we have no future and hopeless. Want to die instead of without having any things for basic needs.
Children are crying most of the time and said ‘I am scare’. They dare not to wear wet clothes. They cry for food, water because they are thirsty and hungry.”

Voice from Hakha (Chin State)

Hakha – Tha Tha Member of ECDC Staff  CBR project manager
“If we have food such as rice and corn it is enough at the moment. The price of rice and food are increasing crazily and cannot think how to get food for daily living, how to feed our children and family member, cannot sleep and think any more. Some elder person who have in the camp are murmuring that I cannot stay any more in this place, please send me back to my own house and I prefer to die at there instead of living in this camp or other people’s house daily.  Many parent worry that they cannot send their kids to school any more.”

The below images have been sent in to ECDC from our networks in Chin and Sagaing

Landslides and flooding in Hahka, Chin, August 2015
House affected by land-slide in Hahka (Chin State), August 2015
Flooding in Kalay Myo