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Volunteers provide a valuable resource to Eden, providing their time, energy and expertise. We specifically welcome volunteers who have professional training in special education needs teaching, different types of therapy (physiotherapy, occupational, speech therapy, music therapy etc.) as well as those willing to support us with fund raising activities in Myanmar and abroad.

There is an increasing number of foreign visitors who want to do some voluntary work when they are travelling or completing university. Whilst Eden welcomes this interest, and values responsible tourism, we are not usually equipped or have the capacity to take on short term volunteers without a relevant professional discipline and experience e.g. practising physiotherapist, teacher. We do not have the capacity to provide inexperienced volunteers with supervision, training and/or Myanmar translation services. If you have a specific skill or expertise to share with us, please complete our Volunteer Application form this link.

Volunteers are usually expected to be self-funding or sponsored through their business or university. ECDC cannot usually pay for visas, flights, transport, accommodation, medical insurance or allowances.

Eden also has partnerships with VSO, CUSO and AVI for medium to long term supported placement.

If you are interested in short term or other volunteering please contact our operations team on [email protected]