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Inclusive Education (IE) for Teachers Training

Aims and Objectives

To equip teaching professionals with (1) basic knowledge and understanding about disability, development approaches and (2) practical teaching techniques to reducing barriers to participation by disabled students in the classroom and school environment.

This programme is designed specifically for qualified teachers in mainstream, private, monastic and special schools. It may also be valuable for other educational professionals in government departments, NGO’s or INGOs.

The programme is not designed for non-educational professionals, ECDC can run a shorter and more general course on IE for those who want a basic understanding of the topics (see separate outline).

The programme described below requires a minimum of 5 days (30 hours) to complete and can be extended to 8-10 days for more in-depth analysis and practical experience. With a modular approach the training sessions can be spread over a number of weeks/months. It is recommended that the full training is completed within 12 months of starting the course.

ECDC has been running training in IE since 2007 and uses its own experienced facilitators and trainers to run the sessions (C.V.s available on request). External expertise (including international) may be drawn on as well as sharing of knowledge and experience with other practitioners and disabled people.
Delivery Method
The programme will be delivered through a mixture of lectures and presentations, videos, discussions, group activities, games and practical work. Active participation through listening, sharing and learning is expected from all participants.
Resources and Support
ECDC has an onsite resource centre with over 1,000 disability text books as well as online resources and videos. All students can access these resources.

ECDC can arrange follow up training as well as onsite observations of people at work to identify areas for learning and improvement.
Fees and Charges
Fees and charges vary. ECDC runs a number of courses funded 100% from donor funds and sponsorship throughout the year. These are advertised through our networks. Other training can be arranged on request for which a charge may be applied to cover ECDC costs (depending on number of students, length of course and location).

What you will learn:

Module 1 (3 days)
The history of disability (Disability Concept)
Disability in global and Asia Context
Types of impairments
Differences between disability and impairments
Disability terms and language
Disability, Child & Human Rights
Inclusive Education / Integrated / Special Education concepts
Module 2 (3 days)
Barriers and facilitators to education (including research findings)
Importance of teachers for education, social and life skills
Communication and etiquette
Effects of attitudes and behaviors on children with disabilities own emotions and behavior
Physical impairments, specific barriers faced and teaching techniques
Intellectual impairments, specific barriers faced and teaching techniques

Module 3 (3 days)
Visual impairments, specific barriers faced and teaching techniques
Hearing impairments, specific barriers faced and teaching techniques Assessment
Practical Section / Outing Program
Inclusive Education Sharing
Reflection and learning