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Empowering Civil Society Organizations of Persons with Disability through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Project

About Chin

Chin State is the poorest state amongst more than 14 States and Divisions in Myanmar according to a United Nations Development Programme report completed in 2010. It is also one of the most remote regions in Myanmar, on the mountainous border with India. Hakha, its small capital, is a 15 hour drive from Mandalay. Travel within Chin can be limited and many villages are cut off during the monsoon.

According to a national survey conducted in 2008, there are estimated to be 2,800 people with disabilities residing within the 2 areas: 1,300 in Hakha Township and 1,800 in Thantlang Townships. People with disabilities and their family members, particularly those living in rural or remote communities often do not benefit from development initiatives. There are few Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and only a handful of International Non-Government Organsations (INGOs) operating in the area.

About the Project
The Chin Community Bases Rehabilitation (CBR) project was established in early 2014 by ECDC with funding from KIndermissionswerk.

The project goal is to:
Improve socio-economic living standards of persons with disability living within Hakha and Thantlang Townships, Chin State, Myanmar, through implementation of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project activities.

The project aim is to promote social inclusion of persons with disability through
•    providing rehabilitation,
•    education and social care services,
•    raising awareness,
•    establishing and enhancing self-help groups (SHGs) and volunteer networks,
•    providing care giver trainings for parents of children with disabilities  and volunteer,
•    as well as technical support from disability issues experts.

Over the course of the CBR project 150 people living with disabilities from within 30 villages, from Hahka and Thantlang townships will directly benefit.

This is the sixth CBR project implemented by ECDC around the country since 2007.

There are seven project staffs and this project was endorsed by Ministry of Social Welfare Relief and Resettlement, Department of Social Welfare (DSW) and regional Chin State government. The planned activities of this project are:

  • Promote disability awareness in all primary, secondary and tertiary levels;
  • To provide basic rehabilitation, special education and social care services;
  • To facilitate to form Self Help Groups of disabled persons and volunteer groups;
  • To promote inclusion of disabled persons in mainstream society with equal terms and with dignity;
  • To provide necessary assistive devices and mobility devices to PWDs from the target areas.