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Inclusive Community Development

Prog. Inclusive Community Development
Obj. To raise community awareness of the worth and capacity of people with disabilities, leading to their increased inclusion in mainstream life
Rationale At a community level there is a lack of awareness about disability, disability rights and what disabled people can achieve. Stigma is strong whilst support mechanisms are weak and uncoordinated. PWDs are often excluded from social and public life. Care, health and education services are limited and uncoordinated and PWDs and their families are often isolated, lack confidence and are not empowered to advocate for change.
The education system is not, on the whole, inclusive for disabled students, and presents many difficulties and obstacles to those PWDs who attempt to access mainstream education. Consequently, many PWDs have little access to either formal or informal education. Even where PWDs have access to institutions they face physical barriers and bullying that make integration difficult. Teachers are not trained to deal with their physical or emotional needs, let alone educational needs. Therefore PWDs miss out not only on education, but also the opportunity to socialize and make friends with those of a similar age, and a comfortable space to interact with others whilst practicing important life-skills
Theme Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Inclusive Education (IE) Mainstreaming Disability
Sub Obj. Children are accepted, respected and supported within their communities, participating in social activities. Local support mechanisms are strengthened Children can access and enjoy a full education in mainstream schools, without barriers or discrimination Barriers to participation and inclusion are removed, disabled people can be independent and equal in society, with choice and control over their own lives
Key Activities Home-based rehabilitation
Special & inclusive education
Caregiver training
Self Help Group and CBO support and facilitation
Medical care and devices
Barrier free renovations
Teacher training & guidance
Materials and Devices
Barrier free audits & Implementation Plans with schools, NGOs and local service providers
Advice and guidance of ensuring services are accessible to disabled people