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Disability Sector Development

Prog. Disability Sector Development
Obj. To strengthen and empower the disability support sector (from grass root to national level), improving services through awareness, training, evidence based research, networking & advocacy activities
Rationale Many support services make little or no provision for disabled clients. Where there is the desire to support, often there aren’t the skills or experience to do so. There are only a few DPOs and Self Help groups, and these often require significant capacity building. Communication between PWDs and society is a major concern, as without sufficient knowledge of the needs and problems of PWDs it is impossible to provide services, programs and policies that can support and find solutions to those needs. Another challenge is there are no information portals or media channels to raise awareness through. Lack of communication causes ambiguity, and creates loosely-supported and implemented strategies, techniques and policies. With new laws emerging on disability and education, there are opportunities to influence policy change, if evidence can be gathered and disseminated
Theme Building Capacity & Resources Inclusive Local Development Advocacy Networking and Partnership Building
Sub Obj. Understanding, skills and practical experience is boosted across the sector, from basic caregiver training through to certified professional qualifications Technical, organisational skills and networking capacities of Disabled People Organisations and Self Help Groups are enhanced, so that they can deliver effective services and advocate for change To ensure the rights of persons with special needs are fully met, through advocacy, empowerment, inclusion and collaboration at a local and national level Working with key stakeholders and service providers to build partnerships, joint initiatives, strengthen co-ordination
Key Activities Training and guidance in:
Basic Care Giver
Disability Awareness (DAT)
Disability Equality (DET)
Physiotherapy Training
Special & inclusive education
Library & online learning services
Networking / Directory
Disability-related literature and media
DPO & SHG Assessments
Disability Training
Capacity Building Training
Drop in facilities
Disability Networks & Forums
Government Advisory Services
Evidence Based Research
Disability Networks & Forums
NGO and INGO forums
Special, Regular and Monastic schools
National and local projects and programs