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Child Development & Family Support

Prog. Child Development and Family Support
Obj. To ensure disabled children fulfill their potential, by providing them with high quality therapy, social care, education and vocational training; and to equip families and caregivers with the skills, knowledge and experience to fully support the development of the child
Rationale Parents and Family are vital for a child’s development, inclusion, growth and sense of worth. Yet there is little support for families, who have to deal with the stigma and trauma of having a disabled child. There are no systematic pre natal and post natal checks for disabilities, and medical staff lack training in the field therefore many disabilities go unrecognized and/or ignored by parents. There is lack of facilities providing skills and knowledge training for the families of disabled people to better meet the needs of their disabled family members. As a result, families have difficulty accessing information, services and home-based intervention programs, which contributes towards a lack of awareness about how to assist and deal with disability-related challenges in their families and in society. A particular burden is often felt by mothers and grandmothers – usually the primary care givers.
Child development and growth can be maximised with the right support to the disabled child. To achieve full growth a holistic approach is needed – dealing with the child’s home situation, care needs, medical needs and educational needs. Through individual assessments, tailored planning and coordinated monitoring better results can be achieved. Through therapy and treatments, children gain better mobility and communication skills, emotional, social and behavioural skills are improved
Theme Early Intervention Rehabilitation and Therapy Special Education Integrated Support Services
Sub Obj. Child development under 6 years is age is maximised, parents accept and support child needs, risks of secondary disability are minimised Children’s functional abilities are maximised, reducing the impact of disability on their daily lives and increasing their independence Children learn and develop in a caring environment, building confidence, social skills and ability to do things on their own Child needs are assessed, services are coordinated and tailored to meet individual development needs and support through a holistic approach
Key Activities Counselling
Medical support
Pre-school support
Parental advise, guidance, training
Occupational therapy
Multi-sensory therapy
Music therapy
Assistive devices
Parental advise, guidance, training
Pre vocational training
Daily Living
Emotional, social, behavioural support
Social inclusion/public places
Play and Games
Parental advise, guidance, training
Child assessments and individual development plans
Disabled Sport
Social Care/counselling
Child Protection
Medical Care
Transport & Nutrition
Compassionate support
Parent advice and training