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Inclusive Education Research

A Space to Learn For All Children?

Inclusive education and children with disabilities in Yangon, Myanmar

Report from a research study conducted by Eden Centre for Disabled Children in partnership with VSO

Published March 2015

This research is the first of its kind to be undertaken in Myanmar, and looks at Inclusive Education in Yangon.

Inclusive education seeks to respond to the needs of a diverse range of learners including ‘members of indigenous groups, those with disabilities those who are homeless, those who are workers, those living with HIV/AIDS and others’ (UNESCO 2000). The fundamental principle being that, all children have a right to an education and the school system should accommodate them.

Within Myanmar there is little evidence and research within this field and so this research aims to inform the current development of education policy and practice in Myanmar.

Over 200 participants were involved in the research including children with disabilities in regular school, specialist schools or were out-of-school as well as parents, teachers and caregivers.

The research found that inclusive education was limited in Yangon, however there were examples of good practice found for the children and their support network.

The research considers factors that either act as barriers of facilitators to children accessing education and staying in education. These included; family, peer and teacher support, as well as enrolment, assessment of disability, curriculum and exams, teaching practices and resources, environment in and around the school, and social inclusion factors.

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