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Eden’s governance operates at various levels:

Board Quarterly meetings of the Board oversee monitoring compliance and offer strategic guidance. Members include people with disabilities, caregivers, social work sector leaders, donors.
Management Team Fortnightly management meetings oversee Eden’s operations. This includes responsibility for developing the policies and procedures that govern Eden’s activities and development.
Staff Network Monthly staff meetings provide forums for the full team to discuss programs, practices and activities at Eden.

A constitutional review was undertaken in 2014 which looked at the framework in which Eden operates and in particular ensuring the Eden Board is effective. A new constitution was approved in October 2014. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was strengthened in the period, building capacity and empowering parents and teachers more in some decision making, the PTA are represented on the Eden Board.

The Managing Director prepares an annual report and an external auditor regularly monitors Eden’s financial reports. Eden follows a formal auditing process, previously conducted every two years. In 2013, Eden developed a more comprehensive financial policy and increased its audit cycle to ensure independent auditing every year.